A little about Laurie...

Laurie lives in 108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia with her two young daughters. Her passion for pottery and for making a living creatively out of her home has been a driving force throughout her life. She began her adventure into pottery before her children were born and after wandering through various creative venues, her love of clay returned and she has been back in the studio for several years. Laurie's specializes in making beautiful and durable pottery sinks for unique interior designs.

“I have had a pottery sink, made by Bob Kingsmill, in my own bathroom for 25 years and it’s just as lovely now as it was the day it was installed. I became interested in making pottery sinks when my now-adult children requested them for bathroom renovations a few years ago. I accepted the challenge and was inspired by the results. Since then I have had a wonderful time working on new shapes and glazes.”

All of Laurie’s pieces are hand built or wheel thrown out of mid fire stoneware clay and have been fired to 2200° F. She enjoys using the surface of the clay as a pallet for carving and blending glazes for exciting effects. As it is for any potter, the glazes are developed through many hours of experimentation, hard work, shared knowledge, and many failures. Laurie gets a thrill when a piece comes out of the fire exactly the way she wanted it to or better.

All of Laurie’s pottery is made with lead-free glazes and any that will have contact with food or beverages have well tested food safe glazing. Variations occur even in pieces that use the same glaze and are fired in the same kiln load. Therefore, please expect pleasantly blended pieces rather than perfectly matched. All items are dishwasher safe and, with care, will give you many years of service and pleasure. A pottery care card will be shipped along with each purchase.

“I truly enjoy creating functional ware that is also “eye candy”. Please enjoy looking through my Gallery of Works, If you don’t see what you’re looking for please send me a message and I’ll do my best to meet your needs."